Meet the Artist


Klaus "Sandman" Bosch

Klaus Bosch (aka The Sandman) has been making his interactive KB Collection Sand Art in Lustenau, Austria since 1982. When Sandman was a younger man searching for his way in life, a friend of his gave him one of the original versions of sand art available in the '80s. He was captivated as his mind tried to wrap around the beauty of the art and why it did what it did. Fascinated, he decided to try to make one for himself. Trial after trial, failure after failure, he finally created a sand picture he could sell in 1988. Yes, 6 years of experimentation finally resulted in what you see today as the KB Collection sand art. Klaus is always thinking of ways to defy gravity with his sand art.  

The original, classic sandblend is what you see in the Deep Sea Pacific and a few others models. 

Since his first appearance at the Zurich Art Gallery in Switzerland in 1993, Klaus Bosch has been recognized as a master of this unique art in the international art field, and is honored as The Sandman, the master of kinetic pop art.

Sandman's world renowned sand art has been in the display windows (worldwide) of Louis Vuitton and Nordstrom's. He has been commissioned to make special gifts for Kings, Sultans, and famous dignitaries. His art can be found in gallery exhibits, museums, hotels, spas and businesses around the globe. 

From Sandman:  "My sand art is spiritual, it contains a lot of questions and indicates answers at the same time.  It involves the beauty of what art once was while trying to give answers to our spirit and our inner calm."

"Don't try to understand my art with your mind. Feel it with your heart and use your imagination."

All The Magic Happens In The Sand Factory

The Sandman makes the KB Collection Sand Pictures in his studio in Lustenau, Austria. This beautiful small city is embraced by the Alps and overlooks the shores of Lake Constance. Klaus works closely with his small team of detail oriented, skilled craftsman to create his works of art that are beloved worldwide. Klaus is proud of the fair wages and exceptional work environment offered at his sand factory. Sandman makes sourcing from local companies a priority for all components used in the making of the sand art. Making ethical, sustainable art is a must. 

At the sand factory extensive measures are taken to ensure that very little is wasted. All boxes are from recycled materials, as well as the cardboard inlays. All wood is sourced from certified sources to ensure sustainability. The KB Collection is designed to last a lifetime. Each piece comes equipped with air holes to adjust air and replenish the water. No throw and go cheap Chinese knock-offs are made. Care is taken in every aspect from beginning to end. 

Each piece is handcrafted with love and attention to detail. The signature of the artist KB is your guarantee for the passion of crafting which is put into each sand art leaving the Sand Factory.

Are you fascinated by our KB Collection moving sand art and want to put your creative touch on a sand picture created just for you? Contact us regarding your custom build today  

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