Za-Zen Garden- Novice Black- By Klaus Bosch

Za Zen miniature Zen gardens are designed according to Japanese traditions - pure and simple, leaving away all accessories which would distract from the basic purpose. Za Zen is the term for concentration in a simple practice. Drawing lines in the sand turn into a meditation. At feng shui terms this small zen garden works like a ming tang - a place concentrating energies. Enrich your desk or home with positive vibes with this Novice Za Zen Garden by kinetic sand artist Klaus Bosch.

Size: 8-1/3 x 13 x 1-1/5"



Za Zen Garden- Novice Black 

By Kinetic sand artist Klaus Bosch (The Sandman)

The power lies in silence.
The order creates energies.

The Za-Zen Zengarden argues:

Japanese style
When I designed this product the focus was on Zen (Buddhism) and Japanese philosophy and lifestyle. It is to express that I am neither Japanese nor Buddhist, but my thinking and philosophy might be similar to far east wisdom.
Most Zen garden products on the market are going the wrong way. They are adding Buddha figures, bridges, archways, gemstones, water fountains - all unnecessary things which are distracting from the main aim of a Zen garden.

Meditation – Contemplation
The traditional Zen garden in a monastery has one assignment on different stages: Meditation. One stage is turning the job of raking the gravel into a practice of concentration – keeping your mind concentrated on the simple thing you are doing at the very moment. And the second stage is sitting down and meditate while looking at the already finished Zen garden.

Less is more
Following the Japanese Traditions, Za-Zen Zen gardens are equipped with the necessary things only: The board, the sand, the rake, and stones. Purity and simplicity.
The board’s frame is black, the sand is flashing white. Both symbolize the idea of Yin and Yang.
The stones are naturally washed by a river. Also, that is a Japanese tradition – using “Sui Seki” – water-stones for a Zen garden.

Certainly the deepest distinct is based in the little booklet that comes with each of our Zen gardens. I have been reading books about Zen gardens, 80 pages – telling not half of what you can learn from that little booklet. It is telling the real secrets of how the Zen garden is working, what is important and how you can use this little “decorative toy”.

sand, wood frame, rake, river rocks


Artist Klaus "Sandman" Bosch

About The Sandman

Klaus Bosch (aka Sandman) has been making his KB Collection Sand Art in Lustenau, Austria since 1988.  He has a small crew of less than a dozen employees at his sand factory. Sandman's sand art has been in the display windows (worldwide) of Louis Vuitton and Nordstroms.  He has been commissioned to make special gifts for Kings, Sultans, and famous dignitaries.  His art can be found in hotels, spas and businesses around the globe. His wild love for nature drives his inspiration and helps capture the beauty and express it in a sandpicture. 
From Sandman:  "My sand art is spiritual, it contains a lot of questions and indicates answers at the same time.  It involves the beauty of what art once was while trying to give answers to our spirit and our inner calm."


Pitkin Stearns ( is the agent / distributor for the Sandman for the United States and Canada.  We were introduced to Sandman in the winter of 2006 by a mutual friend from Japan.  Immediately, we fell in love with Sandman's artwork (how could you not?).  When you purchase from us, you are buying as direct from the Sandman as you can get.  We offer the full range of Sand Pictures for every budget and every person starting at $30. Put them on your desk and watch them evolve with a new creation with each turn. Sand Art is educational for children while soothing and relaxing for adults.

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Chris Wootten (aka:  Sandguy) is the president and Hiro Motoyama and Lindsey Garcia are the hardworking backbone of Pitkin Stearns.


 Interview with the Sandman 



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