You have entered the virtual show room of  some of the collective KB Masterpieces created by Klaus Bosch the "Sandman". Here you can find a spectacular assortment of 30 years of tireless creating. All these pieces are made by the master himself. Making each piece one of a kind, even the limited editions. This is a small example of the custom pieces the Sandman has created.

If you have a vision in you would like to see come to actualization with a creation by Klaus himself, contact us. Custom creations need a lead time of at least 90 days. Please call or email us with your ideas. 

Email with your inquiry.

Mind Spa 2019

Mind Spa 2019

Mind Spa 2019

Mind Spa


Merlet Hotel, Holland

Conference room



 Hotel Bergkristall


Rainbow Vision

wall mounted
size 80 x 52" / 202 x 132 cm
limited edition 20 pcs.



Six round pictures in the colors of the rainbow fixed on panels coming in the respective complimentary color. The panels are made with an application of the color powders you can find inside the Sand pictures themselves. 1987 when I started experimenting with Sand pictures I had the vision of being able creating them in all colors of the rainbow. 30 years later I brought that vision into a big size artwork.


light object
size 14 x 14 x 24" / 35 x 35 x 60 cm

size 12 x 12 x 20" / 30 x 30 x 51 cm


Four Sand pictures assembled to a hollow cube which is sitting on the base. Built into the base there is a powerful halogen spot illuminating the sands from inside through the smooth opal glass. The sand blend includes white, black, green and gold. In Japan the best relaxation you can is staying in one of the countless Ryokan Hotels. Those are the traditional hotels which besides food creations beyond words offer hot tubs, the so called Onsen. The hot outdoor pool reveals an ambiance of either a graceful garden or a worth seeing landscape - at some places with a look to Mt. Fuji. Out of that inspiration the stand lamp 'Ryokan' was born.


Barbie Family

wall attached tryptich
size 46 x 40" / 118 x 102 cm
limited edition 99 pcs.

Three wall attached pictures, 70, 44 and 30 cm / 28", 17" and 12" diameter need the above mentioned space if attached to the wall as the family. They can also lined up vertically or horizontally. These pictures are only available as a set of three. Frame and background can be black or white. The sand blends are the three primary printing colors cayenne, magenta and yellow. The initial name of this creation was CMYK - the basic colors of offset printing - you see symbolized the three press rolls. My friend Monika could not associate CMYK and said: Oh look, the medium one looks like a barbie. So the name changed into Barbie Family, representing Barbie, Ken and Barbette...

Note from the Sandman: Sand pictures omitting all padding are in my opinion the most beautiful ones, because the moving sands are the highlight. Sometimes the landscape is so stunning that you want to keep it for several days without turning.