Frequently Asked Questions about Moving Sand Art

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We move quickly around here. Our motto is "If we don't ship today, we ship tomorrow.".Often times orders are shipped within hours of placing the order.

For US orders, our preferred carrier is FedEx. Depending on your proximity to our location (Englewood, Colorado) the trip is any where from 2-5 days. Please monitor your tracking number so that you are aware of where your package is at. If your package is shipped via FedEx, we add your email into the label so that you are notified of delivery updates.

We do not guarantee any 2 day or 3 day deliveries, as delays in transit are out of our control. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We do not deliver to PO boxes, the post office handles our fragile packages poorly. If a PO box is listed we may contact you and ask you to provide us with an alternative address.

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Gravity pulls our proprietary blend of fine-grained sand through the air bubbles to create a unique 3-D landscape each time. You can regulate the amount of air in the KB collection sand art which will result in the faster or slower flow of sand.

No, each time will be fascinatingly different. Indeed, mesmerizing.

The wall mount Movies come with a wall bracket & screws that will allow you to “swivel” the picture 180º and start a new landscape.


By using the enclosed injector, you can remove air for a faster flow of sand or add air for a slower release of sand through the air bubbles. The results of various sand flows are: Fast = flat dunes, Medium = landscapes, Slow = pyramid peaks. There are small holes in our sand art to regulate the air.

A: Use the air scale to see exactly how much air should be in your sand picture.

A: Also, to make finer bubbles, gently shake the pictures. The smaller the bubbles, the more dramatic the resulting landscapes. Sand cannot penetrate through large air pockets.  

A: If unused for several weeks, you might have to shake loose the sand by tapping on the glass to get the sand moving again.

A: Watch the video on how to adjust the air in your sand picture:

Yes, it can expand and contract the air bubbles. No worries, just adjust the amount of air with the injector.

A: Yes, maybe once a year. Over time, water will evaporate. We recommend “spring water” as the best water to replenish the evaporated water.

A: Watch the video on how to add water:

A: Do NOT remove the water from you your Sand Picture. You won’t need to add much water, maybe just a few milliliters. Do not over-fill. The glass can crack from being over-pressured.

A: With proper injector usage and normal handling, the water should not leak. However, a little bit could evaporate through the sealant. See above. Do not use a needle other than the provided needle. We supply a 28 gauge needle

A: If you do poke a hole in the sealant, you can order our sealant repair kit on our website under accessories.

Allow it to thaw normally. The self-healing silicone allows expansion of the Sand Picture. Freezing water won’t harm the artwork.

With proper care and handling, your sand art will last many, many years.

The KB collection comes with an injector, an air scale, owner’s manual and a thank you note. The Movie Series will come with a wall bracket, screws and a table top mount (small size only).

A: Each KB collection sand art is made with love and care in Lustenau, Austria. Klaus Bosch, the inventor and creator is known as Sandman. Our sand art is loved around the world.

A: It has been featured in the store display windows at Louis Vuitton and Nordstroms. We have been commissioned to make sand art for Kings, Sultans and hotels.

A: The materials are glass, sand, soapy water, a silicone sealant and a frame.

Our personal experience is our sand art does tend to relieve stress, stimulate our creative juices, calm, soothe and heal our mind and body. And, since each time is different, it will only become more and more interesting and enjoyable.

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Chris Wootten

Yes. We gladly accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of your purchase. We want every sand owner to have the sand picture that speaks to them. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. Item must be received in "NEW" condition. It is good practice to return the product with insurance in case it breaks in transit since this is a fragile item. We will not refund if the product arrives broken. Exchanges; the customer is also responsible for the return shipping of exchanged item as well as shipping of new item. Once the product arrives we will inspect and issue a refund for the cost of the product. If item is damaged we will not reimburse. Please pack returned items carefully.

Please contact us to initiate a return or exchange at

Instruction Manual

In the event you receive broken items, please follow this protocol to initiate a claim. Within 14 days of delivery, send us an email with the following details. Keep in mind that we cannot process any claims filed beyond 14 days from the delivery date.

  • Photos of all 4 sides, bottom of box, and top showing the shipping label
  • Photos of damaged item 
  • Images showcasing the protective packing material utilized for the sand art
  • Do NOT discard damaged item, carrier may want to collect the damaged item  

Please Email the above required images to: